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MyLead is an affiliate marketing platform that helps to gain new clients for the largest companies both in Poland and the world. We do this together with our community of almost 100,000 users from 154 countries. They generate profit with us every day.


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How does it work?

Step 1
A company - an advertiser, wants to attract new customers. It is willing to pay for acquiring each client, so it contacts MyLead to get them.
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How does it work?

Step 2
MyLead adds an affiliate program of given company services. The advertiser's product can now be promoted by MyLead users. Anyone can be a user, including you.
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How does it work?

Step 3
Promotion can be done through all places available online. On MyLead, we have website owners, bloggers, influencers, and people with any possibility of reaching customers.
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How does it work?

Step 4
The user receives remuneration for each use of the advertiser's offer by the customer. The money can be withdrawn to the bank account or one of the Internet wallets. Famous brands trusted us:
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Meet our team

CEO & Founder

Patryk Hoffmann

on MyLead from 1947 days (5 years 5 months)

Patryk is the creator of the MyLead platform. He is responsible for key decisions made in MyLead and supervises the work of individual teams in the company. Privately, a huge automotive enthusiast.

Head of affiliate

Paweł Wojcieszak

on MyLead from 1706 days (4 years 9 months)

Paweł is responsible for the most important aspects of MyLead operations related to affiliate marketing and service development. He supervises the work of the affiliate managers team and is responsible for creating and implementing important solutions for the portal. Outside working hours, an avid lover of music and automotive enthusiast. He loves mountain climbing and skiing. He is an Economist by education.

Head of IT

Patryk Augustyn

on MyLead from 1706 days (4 years 9 months)

Patryk is the head of the programming team. He ensures the uninterrupted operation of MyLead and supervises the implementation of new functionalities in MyLead.

Marketing & Affiliate Manager

Bartosz Magielski

on MyLead from 1072 days (2 years 12 months)

Bartosz is responsible for the company image. He reaches new users, maintains current ones, and also coordinates the activities in all markets where MyLead is present. Privately he likes to read about Internet marketing. He loves classic cinema, especially American. Bartosz will be your caretaker if you decide to work in a marketing team.

Affiliate Manager

Tomasz Gołdyn

on MyLead from 988 days (2 years 9 months)

Tomasz is responsible for the broadly understood contact with advertisers. It means the most interesting things for publishers - validations, negotiating new conditions, solving technical problems with campaigns, and selecting new offers available in MyLead. In his private life, he is a happy caretaker of three cats, a fan of RPG games, and a lover of crime literature.

Affiliate Manager

Paweł Raciborski

on MyLead from 558 days (1 years 7 months)

Paweł makes sure that the range of offers available on MyLead never ends, and their rates are at the highest level. Therefore, if you are looking for the best offers, ask Paweł about them. However, remember that small talk ends after "how are you?". In his private life, he takes care of his plant collection and seeks for new places to visit.

Affiliate Manager

Cezary Domjan

on MyLead from 1027 days (2 years 10 months)

Cezary assists our users and provides valuable advice about making money. He leads a group of publishers, helps and cooperates with them, and is constantly enlarging this group by accepting new people. If you haven't talked to him yet, it is worth doing it now!

Affiliate Manager

Kamil Goliszewski

on MyLead from 425 days (1 years 2 months)

Kamil in MyLead is responsible for the support and acquisition of publishers and advertisers. If you have any questions or problems, you can freely address them to Kamil. If he can't answer your question at the moment, he probably rides a bike or plays on a console.

Junior Affiliate Manager

Krzysztof Długokęcki

on MyLead from 295 days (10 months)

Krzysztof in MyLead handles support services, acquiring publishers and advertisers. Thanks to him, our offer is constantly updated, as he is responsible for searching and adding new affiliate programs. In case of any questions or problems, feel free to write to him. In his free time, he watches TV series, spends time with friends, and improves his culinary skills.

Junior Affiliate Manager

Weronika Mazerska

on MyLead from 197 days (7 months)

Weronika is involved in the support and acquisition of new publishers in MyLead. She helps and solves users' problems. Privately, she loves pets, photography, and Italian cuisine.

Junior Affiliate Manager

Jędrzej Jankowiak

on MyLead from 210 days (7 months)

At MyLead, Jędrzej is handling support services and acquiring new publishers. Privately, he is an aspiring writer of books and a history lover. He also loves video games and is a huge fan of Joanna Jędrzejczyk.

Junior Marketing Manager

Klaudia Mrotek

on MyLead from 146 days (5 months)

Klaudia in MyLead is responsible for contact with partners, acquiring new partners and publishers, and taking care of existing partnerships. Privately, she is a cellist who is in love with Edward Elgar's music and travels.

Junior Marketing Manager

Marta Kostrubała

on MyLead from 386 days (1 years 1 months)

Marta is responsible for marketing and PR activities. She works hard to ensure that the opinion about our brand is the best, and that the published content is pleasant to read. She also works with influencers. Outside of work, she studies and develops her passion, which is graphics.

Manager ds. performance marketingu

Ariel Tryka

on MyLead from 307 days (11 months)

Ariel is a manager responsible for the analysis and optimization of paid advertising. He believes in the automation of marketing and its related processes. Privately, he spends his time actively but also loves to watch TV series on Netflix.

Video Marketing Manager

Liza Weta

on MyLead from 176 days (6 months)

Introverted extrovert, in unrequited love with editing movies. In MyLead, she is responsible for the company's image on YouTube and creating audiovisual content.

Content Manager

Dominika Kawczyńska

on MyLead from 231 days (8 months)

Dominika in MyLead is primarily responsible for the ongoing delivery of written content to our users. She is also responsible for PR activities, and her tasks include creative support.

Marketing Copywriter

Natalia Juszczak

on MyLead from 260 days (9 months)

Natalia is responsible for creating blog posts and articles for external portals. Privately, she is a lover of philosophy, sociology, and broadly understood art.

Full-Stack Developer

Dawid Sklorz

on MyLead from 1343 days (3 years 9 months)

David works in the IT department. He performs administrative and programming tasks both on the backend and frontend side. He also helps in solving problems and introducing new employees to the IT departament. He is interested in 3D modeling and computer animation. In his free time, he likes to run or watch a good movie.

Junior Front-End Developer

Krzysztof Siek

on MyLead from 302 days (11 months)

Krzysztof is a novice front-end developer. At MyLead, he is responsible for designing user-friendly interfaces of websites and their proper display on various devices, especially mobile ones. Privately, he loves long backpacking trips. In his free time, he likes to ride a bike and go to the gym.

Office Manager

Anna Królak

on MyLead from 427 days (1 years 3 months)

Ania is the office manager of MyLead. She deals with accounting, human resources, and order placement. Privately, she is interested in Japan.

Office Manager

Justyna Malicka

on MyLead from 155 days (6 months)

Justyna works in the human resources department and takes care of orders. In her private life, she is passionate about cooking, in particular Mexican cuisine. Justyna is also a big fan of stand-ups.



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Affiliate Manager



Affiliate Manager



Affiliate Manager



Affiliate Manager



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Junior Affiliate Manager



Junior Affiliate Manager



Junior Marketing Manager



Junior Marketing Manager



Manager ds. performance marketingu



Video Marketing Manager



Content Manager



Marketing Copywriter



Full-Stack Developer



Junior Front-End Developer



Office Manager



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