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Users from all over the world earn on the MyLead platform by recommending products of well-known brands.


MyLead is a comprehensive earning platform

MyLead is an online platform from the affiliate industry that has been dynamically developing since 2014. A free account on MyLead has already been set up by 400,000 users from 154 countries around the world, who can earn money by recommending products without leaving home.


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How does it work?

Step 1
An external company (advertiser) wants to attract new customers. The desire to gain additional customers is so great that the advertiser is willing to pay for each customer. The advertiser starts cooperation with MyLead.
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How does it work?

Step 2
MyLead adds an affiliate program to the website based on the services of a given company. At this stage, the company's product or service may already be promoted by users (publishers). Anyone can become publishers - including you.
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How does it work?

Step 3
A publisher can promote a product in many ways. For example, they can use the potential of social media, their own website, or actively work on forums. Which form they choose depends only on them.
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How does it work?

Step 4
The user receives remuneration for each use of the advertiser's offer by the customer. The money can be withdrawn to the bank account or one of the Internet wallets. Famous brands trusted us:
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Meet our team

CEO & Founder

Patryk Hoffmann

on MyLead from 3612 days (9 years 10 months)

CEO & Founder of the award-winning affiliate network - MyLead, Founder/Board Advisor of one of the most interesting Polish startups - Gamehag. Master of Business Administration and Business Communication graduate. A specialist in project management, affiliate marketing, partner programs, image shaping of internet portals and internet marketing. He is responsible for key decisions made in the context of MyLead and supervising the work of individual teams in the company. Privately, he is passionate about books in the field of psychology, marketing, and team management, as well as a huge automotive enthusiast.

Head of marketing

Bartosz Magielski

on MyLead from 2345 days (6 years 5 months)

Bartosz is responsible for the company image. He reaches new users, maintains current ones, and also coordinates the activities in all markets where MyLead is present. Privately he likes to read about Internet marketing. He loves classic cinema, especially American. Bartosz will be your caretaker if you decide to work in a marketing team.

Affiliate Project Manager

Weronika Mazerska

on MyLead from 1470 days (4 years 0 months)

At MyLead, Weronika deals with the organization of support, supervising new projects and acquiring new publishers. Privately, a lover of animals, photography and Italian cuisine.

Senior Affiliate Manager

Tomasz Gołdyn

on MyLead from 2261 days (6 years 2 months)

Tomasz is responsible for liaising with advertisers regarding publishers' issues. He focuses on what matters most to publishers, which are validations, as well as negotiating new terms and resolving technical issues with campaigns available on MyLead. In his private life, he is a happy cat owner, a fan of RPG games, and a lover of crime and forensic literature.

Senior Affiliate Manager

Paweł Raciborski

on MyLead from 1831 days (5 years 0 months)

Paweł makes sure that the range of offers available on MyLead never ends, and their rates are at the highest level. Therefore, if you are looking for the best offers, ask Paweł about them. However, remember that small talk ends after "how are you?". In his private life, he takes care of his plant collection and seeks for new places to visit.

Affiliate Manager

Kamil Goliszewski

on MyLead from 1698 days (4 years 7 months)

At MyLead, Kamil is responsible for the support and acquisition of publishers and advertisers. If you have any questions or problems, you can freely address them to Kamil. If he can't answer your question at the moment, he probably rides a bike or plays on a console.

Affiliate Manager

Oleksii Arkhymovych

on MyLead from 1160 days (3 years 2 months)

Oleksii is responsible for acquiring new publishers and advertisers, building and maintaining relationships with current partners, and negotiating terms of cooperation. He holds a Master's degree in National Security and is a graduate of Management at the Lublin University of Technology. He possesses extensive knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing. In his private life, he enjoys traveling, watching movies and series, and expanding his industry knowledge. He is also a fan of automotive (mainly luxury cars and oldtimers).

Affiliate Manager

Krystian Ilcewicz

on MyLead from 868 days (2 years 4 months)

At MyLead, Krystian deals with the support service. He spends his free time in a room with friends, where they train MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Affiliate Manager

Dorian Durys

on MyLead from 776 days (2 years 1 months)

Dorian deals with support services and acquiring new publishers and advertisers. He graduated from "Marketing and Social Media" studies although a personal brand in social media is something he had been passionate about even before his studies. He can use it to generate internet traffic. After work, he does a lot of sports - gym, football and bicycle.

Junior Affiliate Manager

Aleksander Kamiński

on MyLead from 412 days (1 years 1 months)

Olek is responsible for customer support and acquiring new publishers and advertisers. He is a Business Psychology student and privately, he loves rollerblading, swimming, playing on PS5, and watching various streaming platforms. There's hardly any popular series he hasn't heard of.

Junior Affiliate Manager

Miłosz Boreczek

on MyLead from 335 days (11 months)

Miłosz is responsible for customer support and acquiring new publishers and advertisers. He is a student of Journalism and Social Communication. He's a fitness enthusiast and promoter of a healthy lifestyle. He also likes to spend his free time with friends and playing games.

Junior Affiliate Manager

Kanstantsin Vezhnavets

on MyLead from 320 days (10 months)

Kanstantsin is responsible for customer support and acquiring new publishers and advertisers. He is a student of Public Relations and Information Management. As a sports enthusiast, he enjoys volleyball and working out at the gym. In his free time, he focuses on personal development and seeks ways to conquer the world.

Junior Affiliate Manager

Mikita Brouka

on MyLead from 320 days (10 months)

Mikita handles customer support and is involved in acquiring new publishers and advertisers. He is a graduate in Managerial Economics. His passion lies in the automotive industry. In his free time, he enjoys working out at the gym. He can communicate with you in six languages.

Marketing Project Manager

Klaudia Mrotek

on MyLead from 1419 days (3 years 10 months)

At MyLead, Klaudia is responsible for supporting and supervising the marketing team in carrying out day-to-day tasks and top priorities. Additionally, she handles partner communication. Privately, she is a student who spends her free time dancing salsa on the dance floor or hanging out with her cat.

Marketing Project Manager

Marta Kostrubała

on MyLead from 1659 days (4 years 6 months)

Marta is responsible for creative activities and project management. She works daily to ensure tasks in the marketing department are efficiently executed. Outside of work, she studies Creative Management and nurtures her passions related to design, the future, and innovations. In her free time, she takes care of her dog or shreds her knees on a skateboard.

Junior Marketing Manager

Nikodem Radczak

on MyLead from 206 days (6 months)


Copywriter & English translator

Natalia Juszczak

on MyLead from 1533 days (4 years 2 months)

Natalia is responsible for creating posts for the MyLead blog and articles for external portals in Polish and English. She also translates all content into English. Privately, she is a lover of philosophy, sociology, and broadly understood art.

Ukrainian Translator

Mykhailo Burlak

on MyLead from 560 days (1 years 6 months)

Mykhailo creates and translates content for the eastern market, in Ukrainian and Russian. Privately he is interested Japan, especially Japanese animation and comics. He also likes watching movies and reading fantasy books.

Russian Translator

Irina Jagiełło

on MyLead from 836 days (2 years 3 months)

Irina is responsible for marketing activities on the Russian market. Other than that, she is a professional translator of the Russian language, she is interested in law and issues of personal development. She enjoys mountain trips and photography.

Spanish Translator

Melisa Arraigada

on MyLead from 1259 days (3 years 5 months)

Melisa is responsible for the implementation of MyLead activities on the Spanish-speaking markets. Privately, she loves to travel, spend time with friends, read, and write.

Full-Stack Developer

Dawid Sklorz

on MyLead from 2616 days (7 years 2 months)

Dawid works in the IT department. He performs administrative and programming tasks both on the backend and frontend side. He also helps in solving problems and introducing new employees from the IT industry. He is interested in 3D modeling and computer animation. In his free time he likes to go jogging or watch a good movie. Dawid will be your caretaker if you decide to work in the IT team.

Front-End Developer

Karol Soswa

on MyLead from 860 days (2 years 4 months)

Karol is just a fantastic front-end developer. He helps to improve the visual part of the app. After working hours, Karol cooks, rollerblades, listens to heavy metal or plays RPGs. So many hobbies, so little time.

Back-End Developer

Maciej Turowski

on MyLead from 501 days (1 years 4 months)

At MyLead, Maciej is responsible for backend development. He loves spending time with his family. He enjoys all forms of physical activity. Watching a good football match or a boxing fight is something he finds enjoyable. Besides programming, he is also passionate about real estate investments.

Back-End Developer

Marek Bawolski

on MyLead from 63 days (2 months)


Graphic Designer

Stanislaw Ivaniuczenka

on MyLead from 1116 days (3 years 0 months)

Stanisław is responsible for creating graphics. In his spare time, he deals with linocut and hand printing techniques. He is a vegetarian, loves yoga and cooks amazing sushi once a month.

Senior Office Manager

Anna Królak

on MyLead from 1700 days (4 years 8 months)

Ania is the office manager of MyLead. She deals with accounting, human resources, and order placement. Privately, she is interested in Japan.

Office Manager

Aleksandra Wilk

on MyLead from 928 days (2 years 6 months)

Aleksandra deals mainly with human resources and order fulfillment. After work, she's a gym freak and a healthy food lover who loves books.



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Senior Affiliate Manager



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Affiliate Manager



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Junior Affiliate Manager



Junior Affiliate Manager



Junior Affiliate Manager



Marketing Project Manager



Marketing Project Manager



Junior Marketing Manager



Copywriter & English translator



Ukrainian Translator



Russian Translator



Spanish Translator



Full-Stack Developer



Front-End Developer



Back-End Developer



Back-End Developer



Graphic Designer



Senior Office Manager



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